Classes & Contact

Classes & Contact



Private Classes 

One-on-one class where everything is customised for you. I can develop a class based on where your practice is currently and include asanas and pranayama that will help challenge you to deepen your practice. Can be a one off session or a package of five, ten, or fifteen.

Semi-Private Classes (groups up to 4)

Similar to privates, but with friends. This is a great option to keep individual costs low but still get the hands on, one-on-one attention. Can also be done as a one off class or in packages of five, ten, or fifteen. Don’t worry if the group has a varied depth of practice, I will customise to everyone’s current ability.

This option makes a great addition to events like Hens Nights, Girls’ Weekend, Guys’ Weekend, Birthdays, friends visiting from out of town, etc.

Group Classes (groups 5+)

This option is great for a larger group that would love to practice together. The class can be tailored to a more general level, with modifications and options offered for every experience level.

Corporate Wellness

More and more companies are putting employee wellness at the forefront. Investing time and money in employees’ health increases productivity, happiness, and means less sick days. Corporate classes can be made to suit any environment and helps give employees a mid-day perk while teaching techniques they can continue to do on their own, outside of our sessions. Package options are available.

Studio Classes

Do you own or manage a studio and think I may be a fit on your teaching schedule? Let’s talk!

Home Practice 

Want to deepen your home practice but do not know where to begin? I will create a series of sequences and work through tools that will help you practice at home, with regular check ins and private sessions.

Specialty Yoga

Yoga can be a complimentary system to many disciplines. Including a yoga practice in your routine can help prevent injury, work through old injuries, and increase stamina and breath capacity for a range of athletes. Everyone can benefit from yoga, an example of sports that marry incredibly well are: BJJ, wrestling, cycling, swimming, weight lifting, and boxing. Options are to work one-on-one or with a group.

Contact me for pricing on any of the above options.