Events & Workshops

Events & Workshops

There are several exciting workshops and events in the pipeline. Below are the events and workshops that are currently confirmed and have spaces available. Follow the link associated with each for tickets and details.


This one-day anatomy session is for Yoga Teachers who have completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. The topics presented will build on the 20 hours of anatomy and physiology covered in your YTT and range from fascia to modifications and variations for all bodies to avoiding “yoga injuries”. It is not required to currently be a working yoga teacher, but having teaching experience will give you greater insight into common ailments and movement patters experienced by the general populations that are most likely taking your class.

Come with questions, a mat, and notebook. It is also recommended you bring a cushion or bolster as the full day will be spent on our mats, seated or practising the new movements we discuss.

Investment: $155 (excluding booking fees).

About the Speaker:
Rachel Stanley is a sports physiotherapist with over 25-years experience. In addition to that fulfilling and busy career, Rachel has also been a qualified yoga teacher for over 15 years. Using both her Sports Physio and RYT background, she teaches Anatomy on the faculty of several well-regarded YTT in and around Sydney, NSW.


She is a passionate teacher who teaches both how and why yoga is such medicine for the human body and mind. Join her on this dive into the relative simplicity of her answers to all of your yoga questions.

Tickets available HERE.