I’m a Yoga Teacher!

I’m a Yoga Teacher!

Yoga often brings up emotions, and sometimes profound thoughts or epiphanies. The other day in Yin, I found myself sitting there in a supported forward fold, and suddenly it dawned on me, “I’m a yoga teacher!”

Now, I’ve gone through teacher training and I had been teaching several classes a week for a couple of weeks at this point, but somehow it took this moment of silence in the room, and silence in my mind for it to actually dawn on me; that I had accomplished everything that I had worked so hard for. The hours of yoga, not just through teacher training, but in the seven years prior through my own practice. The financial and time sacrifices that my partner and I had made. I had quite my corporate job in a totally different career path and challenged myself to take a new career stream. All of these chess pieces that we had put into play were finally lining up and I was an actively working yoga teacher.

It’s funny how sometimes it takes total silence inside the mind to let something really sink in. Often we get caught being so hurried and rushed, going through life that we forget to let things have the space to land. When this thought hit me I was already a yoga teacher for all intense and purposes. But I had already gotten to the point where my time was taken up by planning my schedule, spending my days researching and writing sequences and playing around with my own practice. I had grounded before I taught my first class and I thought I had sat and revelled in the moment, but it appears as though it really took a couple of weeks for it to resonate with me. I no doubt will have this epiphany many more times in my teaching career, but this first hit me like a ton of bricks. It was a fantastic reminder that often we just need to take a step back and let things land.

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