My Yoga Mission

My Yoga Mission

YOGA | Let’s just clear this up, yoga is for everybody and every body. There is a modification for nearly every asana, and the physical is only one of the eight limbs of yoga. Part of my reason for becoming a teacher is to demystify everything that surrounds yoga. You do not need to be a svelte 20-something woman able to put your legs behind your head. As soon as you step on that mat, even if you lay in savasana the entire class, that’s yoga.

The way yoga is taught nowadays often gives the impression that there is one solution to everyone’s problems and one treatment for every illness. But yoga affects the mind, primarily, and each person’s mind is different. …each student can find his or her own way to yoga.

The Heart of Yoga T.K.V. Desikachar


MY PROMISE AS A TEACHER | I recognise that our student-teacher relationship is a sacred one. I will always endeavour to provide a safe, welcoming, and nourishing environment in our sessions. I will always guide you to the best of my ability; and will continue to learn and educate myself to bring you a challenging, safe, and accessible practice. I will strive to cultivate an attitude of humanity and humility and acknowledge that our practice is greater than ourselves. I am one in a long lineage of these teachings and am honoured you have chosen me.


MISSION OF THE BLOG | My goal for the blog space is to be a number of things, but first and foremost to be a destination that you can come to, relax, and hopefully get some enjoyment. In addition to discussing a myriad of topics from body positivity, social media, how to adult (I think this will be an ongoing series), and a range of other issues I will also be chronicling my journey through life as a yoga teacher. Yes, yoga is in the name, but this is not just a yoga blog. Like yoga itself, there are going to be many facets of this little space.

I want to share my experiences honestly and ultimately, I would also like to share other people’s experiences. My words come out in type the same as they do when I speak. Cuppa readers should feel as though this is a conversation, not a lecture or sermon, but I don’t want this to be a one-way conversation.  Please, comment, share, tweet, email, and get involved however you are comfortable. Now, let’s have a cuppa and chat.