What Type of Teacher Do You Want to Be?

What Type of Teacher Do You Want to Be?

I was listening to a podcast today, as I often do, and the interviewee referenced something her teacher would always say, “Do you want to be a good teacher, or do you want to be a popular teacher?”

This hit home so hard! My teaching career is still at a point where I question everything I do trying to appeal to as many people as possible. I notice if someone drops from a normal class, or alternatively, if a new student starts coming to several of my classes. As Kathryn Budig recalled these words, it was as if she had struck a cord in my heart. Schedules happen, life happens, and just because every class isn’t packed out, doesn’t mean I’m not a good teacher. My validation does not come from numbers, it comes from knowing people enjoy my classes.

I have always known, and continue to remind myself, that my teaching style may not be for everyone. Just as I don’t connect with every teacher I practice with, not everyone will connect with me, and that’s okay! But my goal as a teacher has always been to help people and create a safe space within the room and within their body. If you have taken my class you’ll know I tend to speak a lot about alignment and anatomy. As much as I think philosophy is important for a teacher to weave through a class, I believe it is even more important to guide students through a practice that is suitable for their body. Yoga is meant to be an enjoyable moving meditation, not torture to atone for a piece of cake. Connect within yourself and feel the asana, regardless of what shape your body makes.

It is definitely possible to be both, as my own teacher, Nicole Walsh, is hugely popular and a brilliant and caring teacher. I have always been of the mindset, if you teach from the heart, and create a wonderful space, those who connect with you will find you.

As I continue exploring our new city, and discovering how I fit in to this new yoga community, I’m happy to be able to connect and offer classes to all of the beautiful yogis here.


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